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Self Service Station, Moselstr. 16–18, Cologne 2008

 CologneIn the night of the 22 of August 2008, we + the crew of UNDENK  pasted our  logo with the friendly takeover slogan "BITTE FREIMACHEN" translated as Please give up.

Police was called but let us finish the job.

On the 31of Juli 2009 freespaceactivists did, what they called a "symbolic occupation". For a weekend they promoted the deep need for a self-managed autonom center.

The police evacuated the building.


Full Service Station, Park Island, Ludwigshafen 2008

 LudwigshafenThis copy station was selected for the "Insel Sommer", a small festival based on a island in the rhine between Ludwigshafen and Mannheim.

Here u find some shots of the great team around wonderful Eleonore Hefner and her husband Peter Hefner who took the construction process in their hands.

It was only build with wood and Tetra Pack.

The branding was left out to heighten the characteristic of a temple.

The Museumsdirector Reinhard Spieler who was a member of  jury invited us to join the re-opening of the Wilhelm Hack Museum afterwards.


Self Service Station, Berliner Straße 23, Ludwigshafen 2009

  LudwigshafenIIInvited for the reopening of the Wilhelm Hack Museum Peter Hefner and his friends helped again to reconstruct the copy of our Berlin station.

A bench from inside the museum was taken out and painted red. So people passing by were invited to take  a break to refill.

Prints around the FIT topic were included in  the graphic collection of the Museum.

We like to thank Dr. Reinhard Spieler for his believe in our work and support.

Full Service Station, Schwedter Str. 261, Berlin since 2003

BerlinOur homebase. The protected monument sitting in Berlins center was build in 1926. It functioned in it's origin until 1986.

Now it serves as a creative filling station as a intersec for artist and non artist. It encourages everyone to become be part of a new fuel.

Please send us your idea.......

From here the artist Dida Zende started his worldwide vision of a community open source art work. Everyone is welcome to run their own FIT, use the logo, our experience and the network of people who want to make a difference.

Find an abandoned gas station and let's FIT it.


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